72v 42ah Race Battery for Talaria Sting (28kw) - Charged Cycle Works

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Looking for a powerful battery that fits your Talaria Sting MX3/MX4/R perfectly? Look no further, this one fits under the OEM lid without modifications.

Our 72v 42ah RACE battery is rated at 28kw peak and 16kw continuous!!!. We use this battery on our Talaria race bike with a tuned controller and KO motor and it is an absolute rock star at the #emoto races.

  • 400amp peak and 220amp continuous
  • 72volts x 42ah = 3,024 watt hours of power
  • 42lbs
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Requires 72v charger (buy here). Not compatible with your OEM 60v charger.
  • Aftermarket controller required. This 72v battery will not work on your OEM 60v controller.
  • Pair this with an X-9000 (or Torp TC500) and EBMX's upcoming Talaria motor to get maximum performance for your Talaria MX3 or MX4.

2 year manufacturer warranty! Improper use of the battery and/or physical damage does not fall under warranty.

* the fit of our batteries is extremely precise to not rattle. Because the MX3 OEM battery rattle issue was so bad, Talaria added thicker rubber pads on the inside of the frame on the MX4. Our battery will fit MX3's perfectly but you may need to sand (or add tape over) the rubber pads of your Sting R ever-so-slightly if you plan on taking the battery in and out often. Check the video in the image library for a short explanation.

Ships to the lower 48 states only.