72v 57ah Long Range Battery Bundle for Surron Light Bee - Charged Cycle Works

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Looking for a powerful battery with the best range possible for your Surron Light Bee? Look no further, this 57ah battery can deliver all the power you need but will more than double your range vs the OEM battery.

Our 72v 57ah battery is rated at 22kw peak and 11kw continuous. We use this battery on our Talaria with a tuned controller and KO motor. When we want to ride with our dirt bike friends, we use this battery to keep up on longer rides (typically 40+ miles). We have a few customers that have reported over 50 miles range with this battery.

  • 72volts x 57ah = 4,104 watt hours of power
  • 45lbs
  • Aftermarket controller required. This 72v battery will not work on your OEM 60v controller
  • 84v peak and 55v low voltage cutoff

* This battery REQUIRES a seat extender kit to fit (included). This will lift your seat almost 2" and back 2", making the bike more comfortable on your knees (from the higher seating position) when sitting down. The biggest benefit of this setup is the battery DOES NOT stick up 5-6" like you see with other brands. The battery lid retains similar OEM height in comparison to the seat.

2 year manufacturer warranty!

* Improper use of the battery and/or physical damage does not fall under warranty

Ships to the lower 48 states only.