Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Rear Tire 90/100-16

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Charged Advice

The X30 is our favorite 16" rear MX tire for the Surron due to it's outstanding performance, minimal weight gain, good wear, and no fitment problems to worry about.  This is one of the best all-around tires you can fit to a Surron.

90/100x16 Requires Rear Wheel Upgrade


A do-it-all tire, the Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Terrain Tire has made a name for itself by having great wear, predictable handling, great grip, and a few unique features. If you are looking for a softer compound tire, try the X20.

First are the large, raised tread bars spread around the center belt of lugs. These not only help support weight and extend tread life, they also increase the contact patch between the tire and ground.

The other lugs are specialized as well with asymmetric patterns full of convex tread blocks giving large amounts of grip. The rear tire even has cooling "fans" that improve heat dissipation in the tire so the psi won’t climb during a race and change your tire’s handling.


  • Great option for an all-around tire on most surfaces
  • Raised center block pattern enhances traction during braking and acceleration
  • Asymmetric front tire block pattern with optimized block placement achieves stable grip during braking and cornering
  • The edges of the convex blocks catch the track surface and achieve high grip on a wide range of terrains
  • Provides high contact pressure against the track surface to enhance traction
  • Rear tire has cooling "fins" to improve heat dissipation for consistent performance over race distances