Bridgestone M203 Front Tire (Soft-Intermediate)

Size: 70/100-19
Sale price$54.88


Charged Advice

The M203 shares the light weight 19" champion with the Mitas Terra Force on our weight chart!  The is one of the few tires that will fit an RST Killah fork!!

One of the best upgrades you can make is replacing your OEM front tire with a great motocross racing tire like this M203. This tire is taller, more round, with large knobs for a massive improvement in front end traction and turning. The M203/M204 Combo is a favorite among motocross racers, just check out our weight charts to see why.


70/100-19 Fits OEM Wheels, this tire is only recommended for the front.


  • The Bridgestone M203 front tire features a design technology for a broad range of soft and intermediate terrain applications.
  • The M203 front tire provides improved grip traction with directional pattern rotation to enhance stability and increase braking power.
  • Improved grip and traction matched with new available sizing adapts to the demands of today’s four-stroke machines.
  • The Bridgestone M203 front tire pairs well with the Bridgestone M204 rear tire.