DNM DIY Damper Rebuild Kit

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This DIY kit is crucial to our DNM tune.  This DIY kit is only for experienced suspension tuners, please don't attempt this if you're not familiar with how to rebuild and tune suspension.

The damper rebuild kit consists of

  • 3 thicker compression shims (replaces the smaller OEM compression shims)
  • 2 IFP O-rings
  • 2 air cap O-rings
  • 2 SKF Fork Seals

DNM HD Fork Spring is VERY Highly Recommended add-on with this kit for the ultimate in DNM performance on your Surron, Segway, or Talaria

Disclaimer: this should only be installed by a qualified suspension mechanic. If you don't have extensive suspension tuning experience, this is not for you.

If you've tuned suspension yourself, have the specific tools needed (see below), oil, and a couple hours to spare, this DIY kit is just for you!

Tools required
  • 5wt Fork Fluid (IFP depth should be 70mm deep from the end/bottom of the tube. Fill it up from there, then shake out bubbles. Then thread on the compression. It will overflow a bit, but be full of oil)
  • 12mm shaft clamp
  • Large 12" Knipex pliers
  • Medium 10" Knipex pliers
  • Torch (to loosen the oem loctite)
  • Small flathead screwdriver or dental pick
  • Shock pump