EBMX YSS Surron Custom Rear Shock and Linkage

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Spring: 100
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EBMX worked with YSS to adapt a high quality motorcycle shock to the Surron.  This thing is beefy, incredibly strong, with tons of adjustment to dial in the exact ride you want from this shock.  

INCLUDES: EBMX linkage (which increases shock travel) and triangle.

For the ultimate combo combine this shock with the EBMX Extended Swingarm for a longer wheelbase and increased rear wheel travel.  


  • Length 10.9"/277mm  (OEM 10.5/267mm)
  • Stroke 2.64"/67mm (OEM 3.5")
  • The linkage (included) retains the stock 200mm of suspension travel
  • 220mm travel when combined with EBMX Exteneded Swingarm
  • Plug and play (supplied with bushing kit) with the stock swing arm and linkage (also work very well with the upgraded EBMX Swing arm – size up one spring weight if using the EBMX swing arm as there is more leverage with the longer arms.
  • High speed and low speed compression damping that actually work (unlike the stock shocks…)
  • Rebound adjustment clicker
  • Multiple spring weight options (see below for your weight)
  • Designed for a motorbike, not a mountain bike 
  • Huge oil reservoir keeps the shock cool even under hard riding
 Weight Swingarm Spring
145-165 lbs Stock 70nm
165-190 lbs Stock 80nm
190-210 lbs Stock 90nm
210+ lbs Stock 100nm
145-165 lbs EBMX Extended 90nm
165-190 lbs
EBMX Extended 100nm
190+ lbs
EBMX Extended 115nm