Gladiator 66v Compact - 42.5ah Surron Battery

Connector: OEM
Sale price$2,325.00


Are you having trouble deciding between a 60V and 72V battery? Don't worry, we have an answer for that!

The new Gladiator 66v compact drop-in offers 20% more power on a stock controller and up to 22Kw of continuous power on an aftermarket controller. Gain around 10%-20% more speed with the stock controller (varies depending on set up). It achieves this by utilizing the extra tolerance in your stock controller.

For those who already have an upgraded controller, the 21700 Molicel cells give you 22kw of real world continuous power to work with (you'll never outgrown this battery). Designed to retain drop-in functionality, there are no compromises necessary. With only a simple lid modification, you will be ready to start riding in no time! 

The 66 Compact requires a new charger, and will not be compatible with the stock charger. A standard charger is provided with this battery for free, or you can upgrade to a Variable charger at a discount.

Includes new custom Chi LED display, steel enclosure, original Surron charge/discharge connector, reinforced carrying handle, injection molded battery cap, and hardware for stock-lid fitment. The display includes figures for Percentage, Voltage, Capacity (Amp Hours), battery temperature, Amps and Watts. 

The 66 Compact is built in-house using grade A 21700 Molicel cells with a Smart BMS and custom PCB. It can deliver 300 Amps of continuous discharge and 450 Amps peak. Provides high performance throughout discharge and includes overcharge protection. Pure nickel is used in construction, allowing the battery to run at staggeringly high efficiency and eliminating the possibility of overheating. Cell groups are isolated for superior durability, impact resistance, and each individual cell is fused for safety.

Will The Gladiator work with my stock controller? 

As long as it is one of the 60V or 66V Gladiator options, your stock controller is completely compatible. (Your stock charger is only compatible with our 60V Gladiator options). If you are looking at one of the 72V Gladiators you will need an aftermarket controller and a 72V charger. 

What does the Plug do?

The Plug is only needed on stock controllers. The Plug bridges a connection in the unused connector and allows for full controller power to be utilized, while stopping debris from getting in. Since we aren't using that connector the Plug gives it the ability to send the extra signal that is needed. There are no drawbacks, it is just there to give stock controller users the ability to harness the full power of their stock controller.  

OEM or QS8 connector?

Although we can configure this battery with a QS8 connector, we recommend the OEM connector. This simplifies your installation and doesn't require switching the wiring harness into the breaker. If you are considering the QS8 connector, it's probably because you want to run huge power (like a KO motor upgrade). In that case, you should probably consider the 72v Compact battery instead.

This is a brand new design and demand is very high. Expected Shipping is 2-3 weeks from order date.

Order cancellation requests after 72 hours may be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee.