Gladiator 72v Touring - 60ah "S Edition" Surron Battery (Maximum Range!)

Connector: OEM
Sale price$2,750.00


Meet the Gladiator 72 Touring "S Edition" - a 72V battery with a tremendous amount of capacity, meant for those looking to go the distance. This battery is all about range but also higher voltage (torque), so an aftermarket controller is required to make it compatible. When paired with an aftermarket controller (ASI BAC4000/8000, KO, EBMX X-9000, etc) this battery will produce 2x the power vs stock but more than 2x the range.

A bit of math to help: most OEM batteries are 60v 34ah = 2,040 watt hours. This 72v Touring battery is 72v 60ah = 4,320 watt hours. That is 212% more range (if you were riding at stock power)!

That being said, since you need an aftermarket controller, you're most likely going to have your power turned way up. Good news is this battery can handle 12.5kw (more than double the OEM 5kw). Remember: using more power = less range BUT this battery can do both!

Promo: All 72v Gladiator batteries now have a free 5 Amp Charger included.

Connector options: OEM is easy plug-and-play. QS8 (not required for this Touring battery is just an option typically reserved for 15kw+ of power). For the Touring battery, we recommend sticking with the OEM connector option.

How does it stand in our lineup? 

The 72 Touring is designed for riders who are looking for a top of line 72V battery available to provide the best range of its class. If you want more speed and distance, you might have found your fit! Rated for 12.5kw of real-world continuous power, the 72 Touring still provides you with flexibility when it comes to tuning. The 72 Touring requires you to swap your base plate (included) and is currently our tallest in the Gladiator line-up (same size as the 72 Max). If you’re looking for a 72V battery that fits with the stock base plate and has a lower profile, we recommend checking out the 72 Compact

This battery will require you to have a 72V compatible controller, as well as a 72V charger. The stock Sur-Ron controller and charger are not compatible with the Gladiator 72 Touring. If you’re looking for a battery that is compatible with your stock Sur-Ron controller/charger, we recommend checking out the 60 Max, or one of our other 60V options

This Battery is made to order and is expected to ship in 2-3 weeks after purchase. Lead times vary based on order volume and we will try our best to beat our fulfillment estimate. Thanks for understanding! 

*This battery will require you to have a 72V compatible controller, as well as a 72V charger*

**Don't forget to add your 72v charger as well**

Order cancellation requests after 72 hours may be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee.