Gladiator 60v Compact - 51ah Surron Battery (Gen2!)

Connector: OEM
Sale price$2,300.00


New and improved Gladiator 60 Compact GEN2, one of the most powerful drop-in batteries you can get for your Surron! This battery is designed to be a simple plug & play solution so you can get more from your bike without extra hassle - drop right in and swap anytime. You can basically double your range! 

This is the battery that Nate runs on his bike. When we first tested it on our stock bike, we were shocked at its continuous strength (even down to below 20%) and increase in torque (from the jumper pin). This battery is no joke.


  • sweet new custom backlit percent display (see pics)
  • choice of the original Surron connector OR upgraded QS8 for big power transfer (QS8 is a larger, stronger anti-spark connector that requires installation/soldering the other end onto your breaker side as well)
  • reinforced carrying handle
  • hardware kit for stock-lid fitment

Why the 60v Compact over other batteries? 

The list of upgrades for your Surron seems endless, right? The tough part is knowing which parts work best, which fit perfectly without issue, which ones are the best bang-for-the-buck. We're here to help. When it comes to batteries, some are made for range and some are made for power. Although most aftermarket batteries will give you significantly more range, holding increased power for longer periods of time can transform your Surron from a toy into an absolute monster.

Enter the Chi Gladiator 60v Compact Gen2. 

Stock setup: It drops right in and instantly provides more torque with the jumper pin (included). Most Surron's have 60v 34ah batteries (2,040 amp hours). The Gladiator 60v Compact is 3,060 amp hours. That's 50% more range with the capability to run literally 3-4 times the power output if you add an upgraded controller. With just this battery, you can keep your OEM battery as a backup and switch between them at any time.

BAC4000/BAC8000: This is an extremely popular upgrade. Nate runs the 60v Compact on his BAC4000 tuned to 12kw on his stock motor. This works well because Nate is 1) a lightweight rider at only 160lbs and 2) mostly a trail rider that values controllable power over power-wheelies at 40+ mph. The 60v Compact is an absolute rockstar for this type of power.

KO Moto: Now we're talking about big power for longer periods of time. Let's start with the Nano, which is ideal for this battery. The Nano might be the best alternative for BAC controllers and works best in the 12-15kw range. Because this 60v Compact is rated to 24kw, it can easily handle increased power for longer periods of time without issue. Although 15kw can be too much power for most riders and easily over-power the Surron's short wheelbase, some people want more. For that, jump over to the 72v Compact so we can discuss our KO RS motor and Pro controller recommendations.

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