Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Terrain Rear Tire

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Size: 90/100-16
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LAST BUY - Sadly one of the best tires for Surron/Talaria has been discontinued, buy them before they are gone!

Charged Advice:

Michelin Starcross are some of the lightest tires in motocross.  The 100/90-19 will fit a Talaria OEM rim, but requires dishing the wheel significantly to clear the chain.  If you attempt to mount this to a Surron you will have to cut knobs (not recommended).

16" and 14" sizes fit all Surrons, Segways, and Talaria perfectly with an upgraded rear wheel.


The Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Terrain Tire is an excellent all-around tire for the track and trail, one that distinguishes itself with great performance and a couple pieces of new tire technology.

Like other StarCross 5 tires, the Medium Terrain’s casing is made with high-density materials that actually reduces overall weight by 15%. Plus, the casing is made with Comfort Case Technology (CCT) that gives the tire a very plush feeling as you ride.

Topping everything off, Michelin gives the StarCross 5 Medium Terrain a tread pattern that grips firmly and slides predictably on a wide range of terrain. Large center blocks give straight line performance, numerous side lugs stick in while cornering, and the rubber compound manages to perform on most everything between loose loam and hard bedrock.

  • Casing incorporates high density materials that reduce weight up to 15% while retaining strength and durability
  • Casing features Comfort Casing Technology (CCT), which provides exceptional shock absorption that reduces rider fatigue
  • Casing is engineered to optimize the size of the tire’s contact patch, offering maximum levels of grip for precise steering and traction, even in difficult conditions
  • Aggressive front and rear tread patterns are specially designed for the StarCross 5 and improve performance across several applications
  • Intermediate and side tread blocks ensure good steering response from the front tire and traction from the rear
  • Central blocks are designed specifically to enhance braking performance and traction on all types of riding surfaces
  • Self-cleaning tread design with fine horizontal tread lines releases soil and enhances traction in a range of different conditions