Mitas Terra Force-MX SUPER LIGHT 19" Front Tire

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Material: Yellow Compound
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Size: 70/100x19" 5.5lbs

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When we saw how light Mitas tires were we had to become a dealer for them.  Their SUPER LIGHT tire lineup is a perfect match for the Surron!  This is tied with the M203 as the lightest front 19" Motocross Tire we have ever found for the Surron.  This tire also fits the RST Killah fork!

Mitas are Italian high quality tires, you know Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, ...


The Mitas 70/100-19 TERRA FORCE-MX MH is a high performance mx competition tire designed for maximum traction and control. Front tire knobs deliver straight line stability and rear tire knobs ensure positive contact with the ground. These tires have been developed in cooperation with MXGP riders.

Mitas Compound Colors Explained

  • Green-Red Compound is motocross race compound meant for Medium-Hard terrain it is a softer compound than Yellow
  • Yellow Compound is Extreme Enduro compound meant for Intermediate Terrain and uses a harder compound which is better in softer terrain.
  • Red and yellow Compound indicate a tire for Motocross competition made from a medium hard tread compound for soft to medium terrain.

Load/Speed rated to 42M.

Red and green stripes indicate a tire for Motocross competition made from a softer tread compound for medium to hard terrain.