Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Lock

Size: 2.15 (V1)
Sale price$16.50


  • 1.6 is compatible with Stock Ultra Bee and most Stock Talaria rims
  • 21" Front wheels use 1.6
  • 16" Rear use 1.85
  • Aftermarket 18/19" rear may use 1.85 or 2.15, please check your size
  • Light Bee stock rims are 1.4, many have used 1.6 rim locks successfully

DRILLING MIGHT BE REQUIRED!!  OEM rims on Surron/Talaria are not drilled for a rim lock.  If you wish to add a rim lock to an OEM rim or Warp9 rim you must drill a hole in your rim to install it.  It is recommended that you drill this hole 4 spokes away from your inner tube valve hole.

  • One piece molded design made from proprietary high-strength nylon composite
  • Super light and impact resistant
  • Includes the new Motion Pro aluminum LiteLoc™ rim locknut and beveled washer
  • 2.15 weighs only 68 grams (2.4 oz), 1.60 weighs only 35 grams (1.2 oz)
  • Unique contoured shape protects inner tube from abrasion and reduces heat
  • Unique angled and tapered ribs lock tire securely to rim
  • Our testing shows these rim locks are 10 to 20 percent stronger and more impact resistant than cast aluminum rim lock, and only half the weight
  • Recommended for use on all off-road motorcycles and any application using low tire pressure
  • Patent pending