Charged Cycle Works - September 2023 Hunting Build

Sale price$6,500.00


September's build was actually 2 nearly identical hunting bikes for a father and son. One black and one silver Light Bee both covered in our camo wrap, full EXT suspension, tubeless 16/19” wheels with gummy tires, 3” taller handlebars/stem, and extended swingarm because their existing bikes couldn’t climb the hills they want when going deep into the mountains. *not pictured is the 60v long range battery capable of 40 miles of range.

The debate was between the smaller, lightweight, easy-to-ride modded Light Bee or the bigger Ultra Bee

Neither wanted upgraded power yet, just a more solid feeling, more capable bike. After seeing the results, we all made the right call. These bikes turned out awesome.

If you’re interested in a custom build, give us a call at (801) 449-1050 or use the website chat for more info. If you already have a bike and would like to purchase individual parts to DIY, select each option below.

Full build specs

Surron Light Bee $4,500

Warp9 handlebars $79 (Black ODI grips +$10)

Warp9 direct mount riser stem $99

Warp9 footpegs $99

16/19” wheels $1,149 with gummy tires (Tusk Recon +$24)

Lightweight 110 chain $33

Camo wrap $175

$6,500 MSRP includes the items above, assembled and ready to ride.


Optional add-on's (not included in the $6,500 MSRP shown above)

EXT Ferro front suspension $2,000

EXT Arma rear shock $1,035

Extended swingarm for better traction (front end doesn't lift as easily when climbing) $1,079

60v long-range battery (nearly double the range) $2,000

X-9000 power controller (up to 3x the power when combined with an upgraded battery) $1,195