Slick Products Off-Road Wash Starter Bundle

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The Off-Road Starter Bundle is the perfect wash kit, designed with everything you need to keep your dirt bikes, off-road trucks, ATV, UTV, and all off-road vehicles looking their best. Using our 3-step wash process and non-corrosive wash products are guaranteed to make your next clean-up faster, safer, and easier.

  • Removes heavy dirt & mud
  • Won’t strip lubrication or dry out bearings
  • Won’t harm metal and painted surfaces or fade plastics
  • Restores surfaces and reduces mud from sticking
  • Significantly shortens your wash time


  1. Off-Road Wash Concentrate 32oz
  2. Cleaner & Degreaser 16oz
  3. Shine and Protect 13oz
  4. Scrub Brush
  5. Mash Mitt
  6. Microfiber Towels