Surron OEM Motor (Surron LBX)

Condition: Brand New in Box
Sale price$699.00


One of the easiest things to destroy when pushing the limit with aftermarket controllers is the motor. Overheating, and redlining the motor with limited load are common ways to destroy the stock motors. This is a direct OEM replacement motor for the Surron models, and can also be installed into the Segway X160 and X260. Earlier year bikes do have different part #'s on their motors but the new ones are still compatible in older bikes.

  • Replacement stock motor for the Surron MX and Surron X
  • Compatible with the Surron X Sinewave Controller (or any aftermarket controller)
  • Original OEM Replacement part
  • Does not include hardware
  • Hall Sensor Motor


We sell motors in 3 conditions

  • Brand new in the box from Surron
  • New take-off (removed from a new bike)*
  • Used (Barely used. We will not sell heavily used motors. These are often from new customers that realize how much fun these bikes are, and what they can be. When we replace a new-ish bike's motor with a KO Moto RS motor, we will resell the lightly used motors).

*This is a NEW take-off, meaning we took it off a new bike in our showroom. Every bike is ridden around our parking lot to ensure they work properly before selling, so it may show some basic dust/locktite in the mounting holes but they are NOT used.