Talaria Factory Fork 2.0 for Talaria / Sur-Ron / Segway

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The new Talaria Factory 2.0 fork is finally here! One of the strongest OEM suspension forks at an affordable price. With a 50lb spring from the factory, this is made for slightly heavier riders than RST, DNM, and KKE forks (which all have 38lb springs).

Length : 27.5

Travel : 200mm

Offset : 56mm

Fork tube diameter : 38mm 

Weight : 11.4 lbs 

Adjustments : Compression, Preload and Rebound

To clarify between versions: the Talaria Factory 2.0 fork has the internal air valve that can be adjusted for plushness/support. The older 1.0 had an internal spring with a blue adjustment knob on the bottom of the fork.

Attn Surron owners: if you take the Talaria decals off the lower fork guards, this is an all-black, unbranded (albeit stronger, upgraded) fork.