Torp TC500 Controller for Talaria Sting MX3 / MX4 / R

Sale price$1,049.00


This Torp TC500 controller will work with your non-bypassed OEM Talaria battery to produce 8kw on an MX3 (up from 6kw stock) and 11.5kw on an MX4 (up from 8kw stock).

If you plan to use your OEM battery, but want more power, this is the controller to get!

Somehow Torp managed to retain all OEM battery BMS functions and will intelligently monitor voltage sag (no cut outs), so you'll have more power at all times.

You can retain all OEM functions (kickstand sensor, brake sensors, kickstand sensor) and continue to use your OEM speedometer/display (no additional display needed). The mobile app has a ton of features and the controller is self-tuning. This is quite-simply put, about as plug-and-play as it gets.


-1x TC500 Controller
-1x wire harness
-1x plastic shield
-screws and tolls needed for installation
-4x stickers
-short instructions


MX3: 8kw on an oem non-bypassed MX3 battery. 13.5kw is possible on an aftermarket 60v battery and 17kw on a 72v battery.

MX4: 11.5kw on an oem non-bypassed MX4 battery. 15kw is possible on an aftermarket 60v battery and 18kw on a 72v battery.

* Torp is in the EU, so import duties and taxes are required. We have already paid them, which is included in the price.