UHMW Skid plate by SXS for Surron Talaria

Bike: Surron Light Bee
Sale price$135.00


The SXSlide Plate was designed out of 1/4″UHMW plastic to protect your bike from tip to tail.  This lightweight yet extremely durable material  replaces bulky aluminum skid plates.  It slides over obstacles rather than sticking to them like aluminum.  UHMW is very impact resistant and is extremely difficult to break.

This is a much stronger skid plate than anything else on the market for Surron, Segway or Talaria.  If you are struggling to find a skid plate that stands up to your abuse (like we are), this is the strongest one we have found to date!


  • Surron will fit aftermarket controllers
  • Talaria will NOT fit some aftermarket controllers. EBMX X-9000 fits but BAC8000 rubs/touches.