VTB Motor for Surron Ultra Bee - PREORDER!

Connector: Y (Nylon M12 circular connector for the VTB Exclusive V9600 controller)
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This is a preorder and may not ship until June 15th. We will keep you updated on the shipping status. 

Direct Drop-in Replacement For Surron Ultra Bee

Paired with a VTB V9600 controller and upgraded battery, turn your Ultra Bee into a 28 kW beast.

Max Torque: 68N.m

Max Stable Rotor RPM: 9500 RPM

Peak Power: 35kW

Max Efficiency: ≥95%

Working Voltage: 48-100V

KV Value: 85 KV

Motor Temperature  

130 deg C start limiting power

150 deg C power cut

Max Phase Current: 1100A

Number of Pole Pairs: 5

Phase Wire Terminal: SC35-6

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Air Gap Leading: 0.5mm rotor air gap empowers its torque to 62N.m

Sensing Method: ABZ+PWM encoder for 1024 pulses with 240Hz output frequency 

Temperature Sensor: NTC 10k thermistors

Shaft High-strength: 40CrMoTi Steel Alloy

Rotor IPM: (internal permanent magnet) rotor, most used motor type in electric vehicles, enhances power density

Bearings: Top standard sealed bearings with great shock absorption effects and excellent durability 

Lamination: It uses stator laminations with high magnetic force, restricting eddy-current loss

Stator Winding: A leading technique VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) is applied to stator windings to insulate and protect them

Sensor Terminal: VTB beast motor has Nylon M12 circular connection for V9600 controller and 8-pin square sensor terminals to provide higher waterproof level



Stator Size: 140*180mm

Weight: 11.8kg

Color: Iron Gray

Encoder Connector 

The VTB beast motor is designed with circular connectors through IMD (In-mold Decoration) technique for better usage with other VTB products. It provides a high waterproof level at IP67 rating. We also keep the square-shape connectors if you prefer to get a motor separately. It is more versatile and works with your controller. However, it bears higher risks for water leaking in. The PVC wire is not with full coverage so it can create a pathway for water to enter the motor. 

Sensing Method

There are typically two types of sensors: Hall sensors and encoders. Hall sensors have strong compatibility which is used very commonly, but it under performs in speed feedback and throttle sensitivity. Especially when a vehicle is passing through obstacles with more pushes or when tires lose traction and try to reduce speed and torque, Hall sensors have slower response compared to encoders. Encoder is the premium option for riders who do wheelies and care about control and level of precision. We have decided on encoder for VTB motors.

Motor Tests

Surron Light Bee original motor, max power 5.13kW.

Surran Ultra Bee original motor, max power 12kW.

VTB beast motor pairing with the V9600 controller on Light Bee, max power 23.56kW.

It is impressive to see that the Beast LightBee motor has achieved a top speed of 140km/h with a wheel power of 23kW.  This represents a speed increase of 2.2 times and a power increase of 4.6 times compared to the original vehicle. It is equivalent to the combined power of approximately 4 LightBee motors. The Beast moto truly lives up to its name as a powerful beast on the road.