Warp 9 Titanium Pro Rim Lock

Size: 21x1.60" rim
Sale price$21.00


While most people do not need a rim lock on the Surron, if you are worried about getting flat tires while in remote places it might bring peace of mind to you.  With a rim lock the tire will be held secure against the rim in the event of a flat allowing you to ride back on your flat tire.

To minimize weight these Titanium rim locks are perfect for Surron.

  • Burnt Titanium Main Bolt
  • Lightweight Forged Aluminum Body
  • Black 7075 T6 Tower Nut and Base Washer
  • Base washer is machined to match each specific rim curvature for a perfect fit
  • About half the weight of OEM rim locks!
    • 1.60″ Front rim width fits 21" Front  – 1.8 oz
    • 1.85″ Rear rim width fits 16" and 18" – 2.0 oz
    • 2.15″ Rear rim width for 18" – 2.3 oz

Note: 18" Rear come in both 1.85 and 2.15 width, please verify before ordering.  These do not fit OEM surron rims or 19" front rims which are 1.4” wide.  

INSTALLATION ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN ORDERING A NEW WHEELSET AND TIRE INSTALLATION AT THE SAME TIME.  Many of the rims we use for surron are not drilled for a Rim Lock, if you would like us to install into a brand new wheel while building it we charge an installation fee.  Please use the "+installation" option if you would like us to install this during a wheel build.