How to install a fork onto Surron or Talaria

In the video below we walk you through step-by-step how to install ANY fork onto your Surron or Talaria.  While we are installing the EXT Ferro (the only fork ever built for a Surron/Talaria) in this video, you can follow along with any fork and learn how to DIY your fork install.

It's important to understand that all mountain bike forks come un-cut and requiring specialized tools that you do not have, most people rely on mountain bike stores to cut the steer tube, install the star nut, and press the bearing onto the fork.  Unfortunately many bicycle stores are refusing to work on Surrons and if you don't have someone local to you who knows these bikes you may have to do this on your own. Don't be scared, we are here to help make this EASY!

If you are in Utah be sure to bring your bike to us for install.  If not, we offer some special pre-install kits and services to make installing your fork a breeze as seen in this video.  If you want an install to go as easily as you see in this video see the required items in this list.

  1. Purchase a brand new fork 
  2. Purchase a Fork Install Kit
  3. Purchase a Fork Install Kit Installation Service
  4. Purchase Headset Spacers
  5. If running a 21" tire be sure to install a Zero Stack Upper Headset (not compatible with Talaria)
  6. Direct Mount Stem is highly recommended

All set!  Enjoy our install video!

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