Fork Install Kit for Surron, Talaria, Eride

Style: Fork Install Kit
Sale price$46.95


This is REQUIRED to install a new fork onto your bike.  You can remove the lower bearing and spacer from your OEM fork but it's incredibly difficult and you will likely damage them in the process.  Save yourself time and headache and buy this kit so that you have everything you need.  

Kit Includes:

  1. Lower 2mm Spacer 
  2. Lower Roller Bearing
  3. Lower Seal

    Highly Recommended: 

    If you are buying a new fork from us we HIGHLY RECOMMEND having us install this for you so that your fork is ready to mount to your bike without any work requiring special tools and skills.  With this install service the most difficult part of the installation is tapping the Surron upper headset out of the frame and installing the new ZS headset in its place.  You will need a hammer and long rod to top it out from the bottom.