19" Charged Front Wheel Upgrade for SurRon Talaria Segway

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Style: Warp9 Black
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Consider upgrading to a much stronger and higher quality wheel from Charged.  We've overbuilt this wheel with much stronger 10-guage spokes, an Excel Rim, and our billet hubs made from 7075.

Charged Wheels:

  • 19x1.40 Excel Rim
  • Upgraded 10g stainless steel spokes made in the USA by Buchanan
  • 20x110 Charged Cycle Works Billet Aluminum 7075 Hub
  • Hubs available in these colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gold

Warp9 Wheels:

  • 19x1.85 Warp9 Rim
  • 20x110 Warp9 Billet Aluminum 7075 Hub
  • Oversized 3mm spokes (similar to 10g)
  • 203mm Rotor Included


If you add a tube and tire + labor fee to your order, we will install the tire ready to ride out of the box.  Motorcycle shops charge $50 to install a tire.  Note, tire installation will delay orders by 1-2 weeks.

    Consider adding a new 203mm Brake Rotor so you can quickly swap wheels.

    Why keep the 19" size up front?  Simple, it's the perfect size for the front end as proven by the motocross racing community which uses 16/19 wheels for motocross race bikes of the same size and weight of the Surron.  If you think a 21" Front tire might be a better option for you to roll over terrain easier or lift the bike up taller, check those out here.


    • RST Killah forks are incredibly narrow, be sure to choose a narrow tire for these forks to ensure clearance.

    *All our wheels are hand built to order, please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.