16/19 Complete Wheel and Tire Combo for Talaria

Option: Excel Black with Black Hubs
Sale price$1,199.00


Charged Cycle Works Talaria wheelsets are not a Surron wheel with adapter kit, this is 100% made for the Talaria only.  We did what Talaria failed to do and designed our hub for larger 90/100 and 100/100 tires so that you can run larger tires without the chain rubbing!  We also changed the rear brake rotor bolt pattern to match the Surron which means you can finally buy rear rotor's for your Talaria!!  

Significantly increase your Talarias performance with our upgraded 16" rear wheel ready to install.  By upgrading to a 16" rear wheel you'll benefit from the best possible traction while maintaining a reasonable weight with minimal impact on power and range.  The 16/19 combination is our FAVORITE setup for the SurRon and Talaria, it maintains the best power to weigh ratio and the fun, light, and nimble nature that we all LOVE about these bikes.  You will also love the massive tire selection of 16/19.  

Included with Excel and Tusk Combo:

  • Charged Cycle Works Billet Aluminum Hubs designed for the Talaria
  • Surron Rear Brake Rotor bolt pattern - Rear Rotor Included
  • Hub available in Black or Red
  • 16x1.85 Rear Rim (Excel or Tusk)
  • 19x1.40 Front Rim (Excel or Tusk)
  • Tusk T-35 Tires and Tubes Installed
  • Upgraded 10g stainless steel spokes and nipples made in the USA by Buchanan 
  • Rim Strip 
  • Axle Grease

All our wheels are hand built to order, please expect 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Warp9 wheelsets include:

  • 16x1.85" Warp9 Rim
  • 19x1.6" Warp9 Rim
  • Warp9 Talaria-specific hubs
  • Tusk T-35 or Recon Front 19” Tire
  • Tusk T-35 or Recon Rear 16" Tire
  • 2mm HD Tubes
  • Axle Grease
  • Front Hub o-rings
  • 3mm stainless steel spokes with aluminum nipples
  • 54t Warp9 sprocket (get the matching 110 chain here)
  • Brake rotors included front/rear (Warp9 uses MTB standard rotor spacing front/rear, which is helpful for popular aftermarket MTB rotors)

Charged Advice on 16/19 vs 18/21

  1. If you want to keep the quick and nimble feeling of the Talaria while drastically improving traction and handling, the 16/19 setup cannot be beat.  Every person who rides our 16/19 equipped bikes are blown away by the drastic improvement over OEM.
  2. 16/19 rules our Track Lap Time record for a stock powered bike.
  3. 16/19 provides massive traction improvements with minimal weight gain.
  4. Run lower tire pressures for more traction, we typically run 15psi.
  5. If your priority is making your Talaria feel larger with bigger wheels then check out our 18/21 Wheel & Tire Combo