18" Charged Rear Wheel Upgrade for Talaria

Style: Excel Black - Red Hub
Sale price$599.00


This is not an adapter kit using a Surron wheel, this is 100% made for the Talaria only.  We did what Talaria failed to do and designed our hub for larger 90/100 and 100/100 tires so that you can run larger tires without the chain rubbing!  We also changed the rear brake rotor bolt pattern to match the Surron which means you can finally buy rear rotor's for your Talaria!!  

Included with Wheel:

  • Charged Cycle Works Billet Aluminum Hub designed for the Talaria
  • Surron Rear Brake Rotor bolt pattern - Rotor Included
  • Hub available in Black or Red
  • 18x2.15 Rim (Excel or Tusk)
  • Upgraded 10g stainless steel spokes made in the USA by Buchanan 
  • Rim Strip 
  • Axle Grease


    If you add a tube and tirelabor fee to your order, we will install the tire ready to ride out of the box.  Motorcycle shops charge $50 to install a tire and have a waiting period of up to a week.  Save time and money and let us do it for you!

    All our wheels are hand built to order, please expect ~2-3 weeks for delivery.