21" Wheel Upgrade for Surron Ultra Bee

Style: Warp9 Black
Tire: No Tire
Sale price$395.00


Please see our KKE Wheel and Tire Combos here which are available now. 

We are working on 21" only wheel upgrades, this is taking longer than we had hoped.  WARNING, some people are claiming that Honda wheels are compatible with the Ultra Bee, THEY ARE NOT!  There are modifications required to adapt a Honda front 21" wheel to the Ultra Bee and we highly recommend waiting for us to offer an adapter kit.  If you run a Honda wheel on your Ultra Bee there are multiple problems and you risk destroying your front fork and the wheel bearings.

Wheel combos with tires includes:

  • The 21" tire you selected
  • 2mm tube
  • Tire installed on wheel ready to ride
  • Rotor bolt kit (hubs are different than OEM require new bolts)


If I purchase an Ultra from you can you ship the bike with a 21" wheel?

Your 21" wheel will ship separately from the bike.

What tire should I run on my rear with a 21" front upgrade?

If you keep your OEM 19" rim, you should select a 100/90-19 tire from here to match your 21" front.  The 100/90-19 is the perfect size and weight for your Ultra Bee.  Although larger tires will fit we highly recommend you do not go bigger due to the dramatic increase in weight which affects power and range.  Don't forget a new tube for your larger rear tire, you cannot use your OEM tube it's too small.

Does the wheel include a new brake rotor?

No, if you would like to purchase a rotor you can find one here.

Will Traction Control still work with a 21" front?

NO, you cannot use traction control when the wheels are different diameters.  In the future the aftermarket will fix this, but for now traction control cannot be used.