220mm Brake Rotors (Light Bee, Talaria)

Front or Rear?: Front (LBX & Talaria)
Sale price$59.99


Looking for a budget-friendly way to add stronger brakes to your bike?

220mm rotors + better pads are an easy solution for improved braking power.

KKE 220mm rotors:

  • 2.2mm thick for better heat dissapation
  • adapters included
  • Front or Rear specific

Front rotors will fit the front wheels on Surron Light Bee, Segway x160/260, Talaria Sting, Charged Cycle Works hubs, and Warp9 wheels (Warp9 uses the front rotor bolt pattern on both their front and rear hubs).

Rear rotors fit the rear wheels on Surron Light Bee, Segway x160/260 and Charged Cycle Works rear hubs ONLY (will not fit Talaria bc they have their own bolt pattern)