520 Renthal R-1 Works Chain for Surron Ultra Bee

Size: 96 Ultra Bee OEM Cut
Sale price$120.21


Charged Advice

It's a well known motocross racing "secret" that an o-ring chain has far more friction in it and robs you of power, you'll notice a nice little power increase with this chain, perhaps even some range.  Be sure to use chain lube and keep your chain clean, without o-rings this is very important.  


Links Cut Fee
Ultra Bee Sprockets Stock 96 $10
50t 98 $10
53t 100 $10
54t 100 $10
58t 104 $10
KTM Freeride Stock 118 $10
Uncut 120

      Renthal is a top name brand in the motocross racing industry known for high quality products.


      • Gold colored side plates and chromised bearing pins
      • Shot peened alloy steel side plates
      • Extended bushings reducing the friction between outer and inner link plates and maximizing power output
      • Most perfectly matched chain for Renthal Chainwheels allowing maximum power at the rear wheel and extending the life of both the chain and chainwheels
      • 4,608 lb. tensile strength
      • Master Link included


      To install this chain it must be "cut" to the correct length which varies depending on the size of your sprocket.  We can cut the chain for you if you select that option above.  If you want to DIY, you'll need a Chain Breaker Tool which you can buy here.  Another very helpful tool is this special pliers which makes removing and installing master links a snap!