Chain Breaker Tool

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Charged Advice

When you buy a new chain for your surron you will need to shorten it to the correct length.  Depending on your sprocket size and some other variables chain length can vary.  This tool will allow you to press the pin out of a chain to "cut" it to the length that you need.  It's always best to take your new chain and mock it up on YOUR bike to figure out the size you want to cut it to prior to cutting it.  Otherwise you risk cutting your chain too short.


The Tusk Heavy Duty Chain Breaker is equipped with a durable heavy duty pin perfect for breaking any size chain within seconds. Compact design is perfect for taking on the trail, in your pack, or for your tool box.
  • Heavy duty pin for breaking any size chain.
  • Breaks chains within seconds.
  • Compact design perfect for taking on the trail or for your tool box.