Bike Bell by Timber

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How many close calls have you had on your Surron with bikers, hikers, or runners???  It happens to us all the time and now we run these bells to warn people that we are coming.  If you ride on mixed traffic trails with mountain bikers, hikers, runners, etc this is a MUST HAVE safety item.  The last thing any of us want is going around a blind corner with a bit too much speed and running into someone that did not hear us coming.  The Surron's are so quite that people typically cannot hear you coming.  Let's all be responsible and friendly and courteous to our fellow humans and give them a little warning signal.  Trust us, people will thank you over and over again for putting  a bell on your bike, they are life savers and they give Surron riders a great reputation as a responsible trail citizen so that you get friendly greetings on the trail.

The best part about the Timber Bike Bell is it's ON/OFF switch which means you can turn it off when you don't want it making noise!!


New! Version "Model Yew" Now Stronger and Modular 

Yew! It's finally here.

If you ride hard and often, the all new Timber Model Yew! is just what you’ve been asking for. It has the same sweet sound and performance of our existing bells, plus a handful of nifty improvements.

It’s built stronger, and all parts are now completely modular, including the cable and clapper ringer system. If anything wears out or breaks, you can replace it quickly and easily. So ride hard, ride often, crash into stuff; we’ve got ya!

We’ve also added:

-A spring loaded piston to the on/off lever for smoother shifting

-A hinge pin in the bar clamp for easier mounting

-Now fits 35mm bars (includes shims for standard 31.8mm and 22.2mm bars)