Coil Spring Fork upgrade for Surron Segway Talaria

Fork: DNM Volcano 55 lb/in
Sale price$50.00


DNM springs and old school Fox40 springs are available now.  If you are looking for Dorado Comp Springs click here.  While we do have HD Springs for the FastAce forks we strongly encourage you to have us install them as it requires using heat to break the loctite on the spring assembly and if you accidentally loosen the bottom it will require sending the fork to us to have it completely dissassembled which requires a special tool.  Another option is buying a brand new Custom Tuned FastAce fork that is already tuned and ready to ride.

FastAce Spring Rate Suggestion

  • <175 lbs 50lb Spring
  • >175 lbs 65lb Spring

FASTACE Spring Installation instructions here

The Problem

The stock coil that comes in the DNM fork is a 31 lbs/in and the FastAce is 38 lbs/in.  For most riders this is too light and the spring fails to support the riders weight properly.  With the DNM it's especially bad and it's really meant for a bicycle not a 120+ lb eMotorcycle.

When your spring is too soft it dives under high speed hits. It bottoms out easily on big jumps or landings. It wallows in hard turns and you loose tracking of the front wheel due to the the fork leg sitting too low in its travel, causing the geometry of the bike to deform.

After extensive testing and tuning of the damper system, we came to realize that the spring rate of the coil is too low and we need a heavier spring rate for this fork to work properly with this type of bike.

Combined with the heavy re-valve of the DNM or FastAce damper cartridge, the 55LBS/IN coil spring we have developed will complete the tune for this fork.

DNM Specific Improvements:

  • Our new coil gets complete travel without a harsh bottom out on the elastomer bushing that come in the original setup.
  • It ramps up properly due to it being one single coil instead of three, making the elastomer bottom out unnecessary.
  • You can get full range of your Preload adjustment without loosing any precious travel. (chart 2 and 3 compared to the orange stock measurement)

If you want us to install it for you, plus tune and completely overhaul your fork to get its absolute best performance, try this


Will you be offering springs for the KKE fork?

Unfortunately no, we investigated making springs for the KKE fork, but the internal tube that holds the spring is too small of a diameter to make a heavier spring for this fork.  HOWEVER we can tune the damper on your KKE to improve the performance.

What can I do to improve my RST fork?

Here is the hard awful truth: throw it in the garbage and buy a better fork.  We have attempted to make the RST better and determined that it's a loosing proposition.  You're better off spending your money on a better fork like the FastAce which is strong enough to hold up to the weight of a Surron.