Tusk Dual Compound half waffle grips

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You'll probably tear your OEM Sur-Ron grips the first time you fall over.  Replace them with these affordable yet higher quality grips.  To prevent tearing grips, we highly recommend a set of ODI bar ends!


Take your riding to a new level with Tusk dual-compound MX half-waffle grips. With Tusk MX hand grips, you get incredible durability and comfort. This is achieved through a dual-compound soft/hard design. As a result, the grips offer an excellent level of comfort thanks to the softer upper layer, but with the harder lower layer, you still get the level of durability that you've come to expect from Tusk.

The Tusk MX grips feature the half-waffle design, a style that is extremely popular among dirt bike riders everywhere. Half-waffle grips provide an excellent level of both comfort and control. And since only half of the grip uses the waffle design, you are able to customize the feel a little bit when you first place the grips on the handlebar. The ability to handle your dirt bike with precision is of utmost importance regardless of whether you're on the MX track, the trail or the dunes. Tusk grips will give you the level of control that you need.

The Tusk MX grips are designed for twist throttles. So if you need new grips for your dirt bike, you'll love Tusk's hand grips. They're an excellent choice to put on your handlebar.

  • The Tusk grip's dual-compound (soft/hard) construction offers the ultimate combination for durability and comfort.
  • Half-waffle design provides extreme grip and control.
  • Motorcycle design is for use on twist throttles