FastAce Fork CUSTOM TUNED for Surron Talaria Segway

Weight: Plush Tune <200lbs
Sale price$1,049.00


Forks are being tuned with HD Springs and custom Surron/Talaria valving right now and shipping weekly!!  If you miss out on this batch more will be coming soon. If you purchase now, the lead time could be as long as 2 weeks to ship, we are working through them as fast as possible.

Charged Cycle Works is famous for our Custom Surron fork tunes, and now we are working our magic on the FastAce Fork!  These are brand new forks custom tuned for your weight and the Surron/Talaria with 50lb, 60lb, or 65lb HD Springs (OEM is 37lb).   We completely disassembled these forks and tune them specifically for the your weight and reassemble with high quality springs, shims, grease, oil, and seals for the best possible performance of your fork.  The difference is staggering, from mediocre suspension performance to a custom tune that works in harmony with you and your bike.  We are extremely excited to offer this fork at a mid-tier price that performs so great on the Surron.

How to Install a Fork onto Surron or Talaria

Tune Options

Plush Tune - This tune uses our custom 50lb spring and is for those who are light weight or even riders approaching 180 that prefer plush over firm feeling fork to absorb as much terrain impact as possible.  

Aggressive Tune - This tune uses our custom 60lb spring and is for those who ride aggressive or hit large jumps and under 200lbs.  This is the tune that @brettb35 runs on his bike.  This tune also works well for heavier people who want a more plush ride than our Heavy Tune.

Heavy Tune - This is for all you plus sized riders who need not only a heavy 65lb spring but also heavy valving.  We stiffen the internal valving on this tune and use a heavier 7.5wt suspension fluid to keep you in control.  If you are a big jumper this is also for you!

Included ONLY with Charged Cycle Works Fast Ace Forks

  • Fit Kit: Lower Spacer and Bearing 
  • Bearing and Spacer pre-installed on fork

Recommended for Install

FastAce Fork and Custom Tune Includes

  • Brand new FastAce Fork fully modified for your weight
  • Heavier coil spring for surron + body weight support
  • 50 lbs-in springs used < 200lbs Plush Tune
  • 60 lbs-in springs used in < 200lbs Aggressive Tune
  • 65 lbs-in springs used > 200lbs Heavy Tune
  • Increased Compression Valving
  • Increased Rebound Valving
  • Heavier shim stack to better control dampening forces
  • SKF Low Friction Seals
  • High Quality 5wt suspension fluid (7.5 wt used in Heavy Tune)
  • Titanium Bolt Kit
  • Charged Cycle Works custom graphics

The FastAce is one of the STRONGEST FORKS available for the Surron, it weighs in at a beefy 11.8 lbs, 2.5lbs more than a DNM or KKE.  It has 37mm stanchion tubes, the largest of any Surron fork.  The fork internals are made from steel (not aluminum) making them much stronger like a motorcycle fork.  For another reference point, the Air fork on the KTM85SX race bike which is similar size/weight to surron weighs in at 18.5lbs to withstand the forces of motocross racing.  That puts this FastAce squarely in the middle of MTB and MX suspension in weight.


FAQ - Isn't the Fox40 stronger because it has 40mm Stanchion tubes?

People think that Fox40 is the strongest fork simply because it's 40mm stanchion tubes, but the fact is they only weigh 6.6lbs because they were made for a light weight mountain bike with weight savings in mind.  The diameter of the stanchion tube is only one factor in strength.  Is a 6lb fork really strong enough for a Surron?  Based on the fact that Fox voids warranty on any Fox40 mounted to a Surron, we think that provides a clear answer directly from the manufacturer.  While the Fox40 is one of the best downhill mountain bike forks, that doesn't mean it's the best fork for the Surron or Talaria where we need to prioritize strength over weight.