FastAce Fork for Surron Talaria eRide Pro now with HD SPRINGS + FIT KIT

Spring: 60lb GOLD (Pre-Order ETA July 4th)
Sale price$725.00


Our next batch of gold is arriving ETA July 4th. Pre-orders now open to ship once they arrive!

Charged Cycle Works pre-installs our fit-kit onto the FastAce ALX13C fork so that you can relax and not have to worry about the pain and difficulty of sourcing these parts and installing them.  This service typically costs $118 and we are only charging $50 for this service on these forks saving you time, money, and frustration.  This service requires special tools and experience most people do not have.  This also SAVES YOU MONEY vs taking to your local bike store to have this service performed, and the annoying fact that your LBS will tell you they don't have the parts to even perform this service for you.  We have taken care of all of this for you, when you open the box this fork is ready to install, rock & roll!

Included ONLY with Charged Cycle Works Fast Ace Forks

  • Choice of 50lb or 60lb spring (others are only 37lb)
  • Fit Kit: Lower Spacer and Bearing ($39)
  • Bearing and Spacer pre-installed on fork ($79 Service)
  • Without a fit kit the installation is VERY DIFFICULT

Recommended for Install

Only FastAce forks from Charged Cycle Works are equipped with HD Springs and Fit Kits.  This fork is built for us at the factory sprung to handle the weight of a surron and rider which is huge at this price point!  We also include the lower bearing and spacer for easy installation.  In the past you had to remove this from your old fork which was incredibly difficult to do without damage.

For Aggressive and Larger riders we highly recommend our tuned FastAce forks which are fully disassembled and custom tuned for your weight and speed for the best possible performance.

 Rider Weight 37 lb 50 lb 60 lb Custom Tune
<150lb  Plush
150-175 Plush
175-185 Plush
190+  Plush



FastAce Features

  • Inverted fork design for stiff and precise handling
  • 200mm Travel
  • 37mm Lower inner Stanchion Tubes 
  • Strong tapered upper outer tubes
  • Compression Adjuster
  • Rebound Adjuster
  • Coil Spring
  • Internals made from steel for strength and long life
  • Open bath damper design (like a motorcycle fork)
  • Valve stack design like a motorcycle with multiple strong shims for long life on a surron and fully tune-able for a future custom tuned fork
  • Fender mounting points
  • Fully compatible with Surron and Talaria OEM headset!!!
  • New lower bearing is included!


We highly recommend that you have your local mountain bike shop install this fork.  The steering tube will need to be cut to the appropriate length, and a star nut (not included) must be installed after it is cut which requires a special tool and spacers might be needed for the correct tension.  If you've never done this and do not have the tools do not attempt installing this yourself.  NO MODIFICATIONS ARE REQUIRED for your headset, please use the OEM Surron/Talaria headset with this fork.

Pro Test Rider Feedback (@brettb35)

The FastAce straight out of the box is one of the best feeling forks I’ve ridden so far on Surron.  It’s so much stronger and stiffer than other forks I’ve ridden with a very confidence inspiring direct to rider feel and flex free precise turning.  I didn’t notice any rotational flex like many other inverted forks suffer from on the Surron.

I just got done with an hour long moto pushing myself at 90 percent the entire time training for the RedBull TKO hard enduro race.  The FastAce fork honestly felt incredible! I wouldn’t mind a little bit more support from it (stiffer spring), I probably ended up bottoming it out upwards of 8 times but no blown seals, the bike held up incredibly over the rock hops and gardens and did exactly what I wanted it too on that front end. I don’t know how well the fork will hold up overtime yet but for this brutal ride I’m very impressed.

For 75% of the riding I was doing the fork was very plush and reacted well to the conditions, it wasn’t until the big hits that I wish it had a little more ramp up and compression resistance in the valving.  I think a stiffer spring and valving tuned for the Surron will make this platform really great.  You can’t get another fork for the money that performs this good on the Surron, and I would take this fork over many other more expensive name brand forks I’ve ridden.

FAQ - I have an RST fork on my Talaria or Surron is this a better fork?

It's very unfortunate that both Talaria and Surron used the RST fork, it's horrible and there is no fixing it (we've tried).  Installing a better fork like this FastAce will transform your bike by leaps and bounds.  For the money you cannot find a better fork.

FAQ - Isn't the Fox40 stronger because it has 40mm Stanchion tubes?

People think that Fox40 is the strongest fork simply because it's 40mm stanchion tubes, but the fact is they only weigh 6.6lbs because they were made for a light weight mountain bike with weight savings in mind.  The diameter of the stanchion tube is only one factor in strength.  We prefer to use weight as one of our factors in measuring fork strength with most inverted MTB forks weighing 8-9lbs and forks like the FastAce 12lbs.  Is a 6lb fork really strong enough for a Surron?  Based on the fact that Fox voids warranty on any Fox40 mounted to a Surron, we think that provides a clear answer directly from the manufacturer.  While the Fox40 is one of the best downhill mountain bike forks on the market, that doesn't mean it's the best fork for the Surron or Talaria where we need to prioritize strength and stiffness over weight.