Gates GT4 Power Grip Belt - Surron Light Bee

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There’s no other way of saying it: this is the undisputed best belt we’ve ever used on our Surron and Segway e-bikes.

The optimal primary belt width for Surron and Segway e-bikes has been hotly debated, with many shops arguing that the widest possible belt (17mm) will deliver the best durability. Gates® revealed that 16mm is the optimal belt size for these bikes, and here’s why. Larger belts show a tendency to push to the extreme edge of the flanged pulleys due to the slight misalignment of the motor and jackshaft from the factory. This tracking causes the belt’s outer edges to experience excessive friction, causing accelerated wear to the belt and pulley and, ultimately, premature belt failure.

The PowerGrip™ GT4™ features a robust high-torque synchronous design and optimized tooth shape to maintain proper clearance to the flanged pulleys found on Surron and Segway e-bikes. No other belt on the market is engineered so precisely for our specific e-bikes.

Replacing your stock belt with a Gates® PowerGrip™ GT4™ after it breaks – or better yet, before it breaks – is one of the best investments you can make in your bike, bar none.


  • OEM replacement upgrade for Surron and Segway e-bikes
  • Make belt changes a rarity with the Gates® PowerGrip™ GT4™ belt
  • High-torque synchronous belt for less friction, longer lifespan
  • Ethylene elastomer construction for enhanced durability
  • Tested on 72V systems and other high power output applications
  • Easy installation: Goes on in less than an hour
  • Manufactured in the USA