Gates GT4 Power Grip Belt - Surron Ultra Bee

Sale price$49.00


Replacing your stock Ultra Bee belt with a Gates® PowerGrip GT4 after it breaks – or better yet, before it breaks – is one of the best investments you can make in your bike, bar none.

The PowerGrip GT4 features a robust high-torque synchronous design and optimized tooth shape to maintain proper clearance to the flanged pulleys found on Sur-Ron and Segway e-bikes. No other belt on the market is engineered so precisely for our specific e-bikes.

This is a direct replacement for your Ultra Bee. These belts are long-lasting upgrades capable of high-power builds.


  • OEM replacement upgrade for Sur Ron Ultra Bee
  • Make belt changes a rarity with the Gates® PowerGrip GT4 belt
  • High-torque synchronous belt for less friction, longer lifespan
  • Ethylene elastomer construction for enhanced durability
  • Manufactured in the USA