Mitas RockRider 40 On / 60 Off Dual Sport 21" Tire

Size: 80/90-21
Sale price$77.00


Charged Advice

If you spend a lot of time riding on-road this is a great tire!  It's got good off-road traction with minimal weight for a full sized 21" tire.

The Mitas ROCKRIDER is an aggressive 40% on 60% off-road tire designed with light weight dual sport bikes in mind. Large, stable lugs provide superior traction in loose terrain while still performing well on paved surfaces thanks to its rounded profile. Mud and snow rated.

  • Rim: 21"
  • Width: 90/90-21 or 80/90-21
  • Tread Pattern: MC 23 ROCKRIDER
  • Load/Speed: 54R
  • Position: Front
  • Mud+Snow: Yes
  • Tube Type: Tube
  • Weight: 80/90-21 7.2 lbs 90/90-21 8.55 lbs