Mitas Touring Force-SC Street Tire for Surron Segway Talaria

Size: 90/90-14
Sale price$67.80


Looking to turn your Surron into a SuperMoto street slayer?  First, you'll need to upgrade to a SuperMoto wheelset (coming soon).  Then you need tires compatible with your Surron/Talaria.  We've had selected this tire and sizes for proper fitment!

Custom 14" or 16" wheels are required for these tires.  Coming Soon!


The Mitas TOURING FORCE-SC is an urban scooter tire for commuting long and short distances. High dimensional stable carcass technology and a unique tread compound provides high riding comfort and excellent handling. The tread pattern ends before the edge of the tire shoulder and delivers great stability; precision cornering and grip in all weather conditions. 3D virtual technology used during the development of tire construction ensures correct water displacement and balanced tire wear.


  • Tread Pattern: TOURING FORCE-SC
  • Position: Front / Rear
  • Tube Type: Tubeless/Tube
80/80-14 90/90-14 80/80-16 90/80-16
Rim 14" 14" 16" 16"
Load/Speed 53L 46P 45P 51P
Weight LBS 4.12  5.95 4.92 5.81