ODI 7/8" Podium Handlebars for Beta Apollo RFN

Size: H701MX Honda 3.9"
Sale price$84.95


The Beta Explorer and Apollo RFN Ares bikes use a different handlebar size than the rest of the bikes, 7/8" rather than MTB 31.8mm or Moto 1 1/8" bars.  We've added the ODI Podium bars to our website to be sure our Beta and Apollo RFN customers can keep riding after a gnarly crash and bent bars!  

If you are looking for a taller bend to improve riding position comfort check out the bar bends we have available all the way up to a 4.7" rise RC High Bend for the tall riders.


  • Constructed of 7075 Heat Tempered alloy
  • Shot peened and hard anodized finish for improved strength
  • 7/8" diameter to work on many OEM Dirt Bike, Mini MX, ATV and PWC Race clamp diameter
  • Solid crossbar improves strength
  • Laser Etched ODI graphics
  • Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion
  • Includes ODI 50mm SX8 EVA Handlebar Pad
  • Multiple bend options available.