Race Tech Suspension Gold Valves for Stark Varg

Size: Rear KYB Shock
Sale price$199.99


The Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit is Race Tech's original bolt-on fork valving system for cartridge forks. These Gold Valve kits commonly triple the flow area over stock pistons, putting valving control on the shim stack instead of the piston. This results in outstanding tuneability, improved control, better traction, a plush suspension, and increased bottoming resistance.

Race Tech does it by using their Gold Valves kits for both compression and rebound. Compression valving controls the suspension’s bottoming resistance, dictating how the forks respond to big hits like landings and jump faces. The Compression Gold Valve in this kit comes with a personalized valving setup for your weight and riding style, greatly increasing your suspension’s resistance to bottoming out.

Rebound valving, frequently called the "mid-valve", is the section of the stack that controls how plush your suspensions feels, which can also have a large effect on traction. Because Race Tech includes their Rebound Gold Valve, this kit refines your suspension’s rebound for better front-wheel tracking and more responsive control.

  • Kit includes both compression and rebound Gold Valves
  • Complete with instructions, Gold Valve pistons, valving charts, and valving shims
  • Most models also include the "Technical Edge Fork Maintenance and Gold Valve Installation Video"