Shinko SR 241 Trials Tire Front or Rear

Shinko SR 241 Trials Tire Front or Rear

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It might not look that impressive, but for many riders this is the best tire you can possibly run.  If you spend most of your time on pavement, hard packed trails, or rocks, you might fall in love with this "sticky" rubber compound tire, these tires are incredibly versatile and a favorite among many.

If you have a 21" front wheel, try the 3.5" in the rear with a gummy IRC Gekkota front tire for the ultimate "sticky" setup.  We sell this combo in packages here.


Urban City Riding 
  • Front: Shinko SR241 2.75
  • Rear: Shinko SR241 2.75
  • Total Weight Gain: ~4 lbs
Hard Pack Off-road
  • Front: Dunlop MX53 (or similar hard terrain tire) 70/100x19
  • Rear: Shinko SR241 19x2.75
  • Total Weight Gain: ~3.5 lbs
Hard Packed Off-road - with wheelset build
  • Front: 21" Wheelset Upgrade with any hard terrain 21" tire
  • Rear: Shinko SR241 3.50x18 or 3.5x19
  • Total Weight Gain: ~10 lbs


3.5" tires might require slight dishing of rim by ~1/8" to the left to clear the chain.  See our YouTube Channel (coming soon) to learn how easy it is to dish your rim with nothing but a spoke wrench.

The 19x3.5" version is massive in it diameter, more than 1.5" taller which makes it a poor choice to run with a front 19" tire.  The 19x3.5 is only recommended with a 21" front tire.  If you run this tire with a 19" front you will introduce poor "stinkbug" geometry into your chassis which will cause too much weight transfer onto the front tire causing more front-end wash outs and odd bike handling.  Stick with 2.75 if you remain on a 19" front.

The Shinko SR241 Series Trials Tire is a versatile performer with a tough nylon carcass and high dimpled knobs that work well in a variety of terrain. The narrow knobby configuration means less of an environmental foot print while on the trail.

  • DOT Compliant.
  • Bias ply tire.
  • Tube type.

*Total Weight Gain is compared to the OEM CST tires which we have weighed at 4.4lbs each.  Weights can vary slightly from tire to tire.