SKF Fork Seal kit for Surron Talaria

Fork: 43mm KTM85
Sale price$39.99


1 KIT PER FORK LEG, to do both legs you need 2 kits.

37mm kit fits:
  • Ultra Bee KKE
  • FastAce 37mm forks for Talaria and Surron

SKF seals are the best in the industry and we've figured out which ones fit the various forks found on the Surron and Talaria.  Please pick which fork you own from the list.

  • Superior sealing performance across a wide range of aftermarket applications
  • Integrated dust sealing lip is designed to guard against dirt and water entering fork, preventing contamination and increasing performance
  • Integrated oil sealing lip prevents oil from escaping the fork
  • Kits include enough parts for one fork

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND installing one our HD Springs into your fork while you are doing fork seals and have the fork open.  HD Springs are available here.