Spring for EXT Arma MX

Size: 500
Sale price$155.00


Brand new replacement springs for EXT Arma MX shocks.

High performance 90mm(3.5") max stroke MX Spring

– Super Alloy Spring (proprietary super light design)
– Highly Linear Ratio
– Hard Epoxy Coating
– Internal Diameter: Ø38.5 mm
– The lightest steel springs on the market
– Developed in our automotive racing programs
– 50lb increments; C90-450/C90-500/C90-550/C90-600
– Adaptable for all type of dampers in the market
– Life duration: over 500.000 cycles

Spring Rate Suggestions

The advanced tuning available on this shock allows a high degree of adjustment and tuning for the rider to dial in exactly how you want this shock to perform, from ultra-plush to ultra-stiff to anything in-between.  Please see the recommended settings at the bottom of this page.

 Rider Weight Spring Extended Swingarm
<150 400 450
150-170 450 500
170-195 500 550
195-220 550 600
220-250 600 650
250+ 650


* This chart is perfect for trail riders and for those wanting plush suspension that utilizes full travel. If you want a stiffer rear end and/or jump large jumps (MX track, dirt jumps, etc), go one size heavier than the chart suggests.