SurRon LBX Adjustable Kickstand by Warp 9

Sale price$109.00


    Bike falling over after adding 18/21" wheels? NO MORE! This adjustable kickstand solves that problem.

    Mid Adjustment fits SurRon's with 16/19" wheel combo’s
    Full Adjustment Fits SurRon's with 18/21” wheel combo’s

    • Spring Pin is shorter than oem kickstand to allow for wider tires and more clearance
    • Shortest adjustment fits SurRon's with as small as 16” wheel front and rear.
    • Ultra-strong Machined Steel pivot head with lightweight tubular steel body and aluminum Foot
    • Includes a spring puller to reuse the oem kickstand spring
    • Magnet in head so you can retain the kickstand lockout if you run it