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The number 1 problem with the Ultra Bee is not size, or comfort, or power, or even range...IT'S TRACTION!  Specifically, front end traction.  The Ultra Bee is desperate for a full sized 21" tire up front to solve the issue of the front end wanting to tuck or wash during aggressive cornering.  With a superior 21" wheel and tire up front you'll be looking for more traction from the rear end to match, so this package also includes a new rear tire to mount on your stock rim to ensure you have the traction you want on both ends.

This package is the ideal upgrade for your Surron Ultra Bee, it provides the traction and handling you are craving by upgrading BOTH of your tires to proper motocross racing tires in the proper sizes made for this type of bike.


  • 21" Front Tusk Wheel: Black Rim, Black Spokes, White Hub
  • Custom wheel spacers for Ultra Bee
  • Dunlop MX34 80/100-21 tire pre-mounted to the wheel
  • Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Lock installed in 21"
  • Bolt Kit to use your stock front rotor with the new wheel
  • Dunlop MX34 100/90-19 Rear Tire to mount on your stock rear rim
  • 100/90-19 Tube

Want a different tire?  Reach out to us on our chat and we can substitute any tire you would like.  We choose the MX34 because it is the #1 choice of motocross racers.  But we have access to many other tires for your needs from Michelin, Shinko, Bridgestone, Tusk, and IRC.

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 *We currently have a 2 week lead time to mount tires before shipping.


Does this package come with a complete rear wheel?  No, it comes with a rear tire and tube and you will install this onto your stock rear wheel.  See our video here if you've never done this before and would like to learn how.  

What if I want a complete wheelset rather than just a rear tire?  No Problem!  We have complete 18/21 wheelsets with tires installed available here.

Should I install a rim lock onto my rear wheel?  It's certainly not required, but if you want the extra peace of mind of a rim lock you can drill a hole in your OEM rim and install a rim lock.  The matching Motion Pro LiteLoc is available here.

Will this raise the seat height of my bike?  Yes, your seat height will be raised approximately 1.5"