Talaria Factory Fork Rebuild / Tune

Custom-tuned to rider's body weight: under 175lbs
Sale price$230.00


Talaria Factory forks are great when new, but they get worse over time and sometimes need to be rebuilt and serviced.

Choose your body weight and we'll fine tune the fork as best we can. For 200lb+ riders, we can also add our custom 65lb spring and thicker oil to make the fork better for big jumpers and/or heavier riders!

Once we have your fork it takes approximately 2 weeks to turn it around.

Upgrades include

  • Thicker shims tuned for the weight of the Talaria + adult rider
  • Increased compression valving to control the weight and bumb absorption including hard landings and fast riding
  • Increased rebound valving to control the heavier wheels
  • Upgraded elastomer stack to improve mid-stroke support
  • New low friction fork seals by SKF
  • Fresh fork oil and lubrication of moving parts
  • New o-rings for your front hub
  • Charged Cycle Works Fork Guard Stickers (Gold, Red, Blue, or Green)
  • 65lb spring and 7.5wt oil for the Heavy tune


Setting Your Expectations

This is not going to make your Factory fork perform as good as a EXT Ferro or other high-end forks.  However, we have ridden this tune and it is dramatically better than how the Factory fork came brand new, and worlds better than your Factory fork that has been ridden hard and abused.  This is a great upgrade for someone who is relatively happy with their Factory fork and wants to make a noticeable improvement at a modest price.