Technomousse Minicross Mousse Foam Tube for Surron Talaria

Size: 70/100-19
Sale price$123.88


The only way to guarantee no flat tires is by using Mousse Foam inserts.  You will gain approximately 1lb per tire, but you'll never get a flat tire and have the feeling and traction benefits of running very low 10-12 psi of pressure with foam inserts.  Not recommended for motocross style of riding, these are for extreme off-road terrain only.

Fitment & Installation

  • Available for 70/100-19 and 90/100-16 tires
  • Rim locks are required with foam inserts!!
  • These are difficult to install, suggest having an experienced off-road motorcycle shop install these for you.
  • HIGHLY recommended you use these with one of our many gummy/hybrid tires which have a softer carcass than MX tires.


    Minicross mousse is designed for the young drivers of the future. This mousse takes up the characteristics of the cross system and adapts it to small engines (50cc/65cc/85cc). Thanks to its high elasticity, it adapts to most of the tires available in the market. The minicross mousse reaches the highest levels of elasticity after only a few minutes of use, while at rest it resumes its initial hardness. At the end of use, it is advisable to leave the motorcycle at rest for a few minutes on a central trestle, to allow the mousse to resume the initial shape and hardness. The mousse is intended exclusively for off-road use, therefore it is not approved for public roads.
  • No Expiration Date
  • High Elasticity, Cut Resistant
  • No Crumbling
  • Low-Density Closed-Cell Foam Material