Torp TC1000 Controller for Surron Ultra Bee

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Developed specifically for the SurRon Ultra Bee

TC1000 controller has been developed to boost the performance of the Surron Ultra Bee electric motorcycles. Easy to install (fits like OEM) and configure in just a couple of clicks in the Torp app.


Simply install the TC1000 on your OEM battery to achieve 17KW. If you choose to upgrade to our 72v 76ah battery (each can achieve up to ~50 miles of range), 30KW is possible. That's right, the best of both worlds! You can easily switch between your OEM battery and the upgraded 72v battery at any time via the intuitive mobile app.

*Bypassing the battery is not recommended. Doing so can lead to potential risks and may compromise the safety and functionality of your bike.

With the TC1000 there are no trade-offs: Upgrade in power doesn't have to mean a downgrade in stock features. The Torp TC1000 controller keeps all the OEM Surron Ultra Bee functions intact while boosting your bike's performance!


Mid-March Update: We’re excited to roll out a new Beta firmware update in our mobile app for the Surron Ultra Bee, unlocking all the stock Ultra Bee features you’ve come to love, plus a few surprises:
💯 Sport/Eco/Daily mode (retains OEM functionality)
🛑 Kickstand and kill switch (retains OEM functionality)
⚡ Brake sensor for regeneration (retains OEM functionality)
🛡️ Crash sensor (retains OEM functionality)
↩️ Reverse function (retains OEM functionality)
🔘 The ready button (retains OEM functionality)
📊 All data displayed on the stock display (retains OEM functionality)
🔋 Stock battery communication for in-depth insights into your battery’s status and condition.
Achieving this meant designing our own ECU, tailor-made for the Surron Ultra Bee, so compact it fits right into the wiring harness. It communicates seamlessly with every part of your bike, preserving stock features and introducing additional functionalities that take your Ultra Bee to the next level. 🚀
All our Ultra Bee users have been equipped with this special hardware from day one, patiently waiting for our developers to unlock its full potential with this latest update. 🗝️

* Torp is in the EU, so import duties and taxes are required. We have already paid them, which is included in the price.


-Field-oriented control (FOC)
-Supported batteries: OEM battery and high-output/aftermarket 72V nominal (84V fully charged)
-Max Power: 50KW
-Sensor (HALL Encoder) and sensorless control
-Max Battery Current: 700 A

-Max phase current: 1000 A
-Efficiency up to 99%
-Working temperature: from -15 to 75 C°
-Bluetooth communication
-Pre-calibrated: Easy calibration through mobile app
-Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature protection
-Communication with stock BMS

-Different regenerative braking and throttle modes
-Weight: 1,3kg
-Features: Mobile App (IOS & Android), stock Surron display
-Protection class: IP67
-Regular firmware updates

Installation PDF here

Helpful Setup Links and Documentation

-Torp App Manual
-Installation video
-TC1000 Controller Manual
-Warranty Policy
-Join the Torp User Community FB group to get direct access to the Torp support team.