Tusk Ground Wire eMoto 19" REAR Tire

Size: 80/90-19 REAR
Sale price$44.88


FINALLY!!  A REAR specific tire for your 19" eMoto Surron, Talaria, eRide Pro-SS, 79 Falcon bikes.  Charged Cycle Works introduced the Tusk brand to the eMoto world over 3 years ago and as a result Tusk decided to make a tire specifically for our industry that fits the OEM 19/19 sized wheels.  READY FOR A NEW LEVEL OF TRACTION? #LETSGO!

  • 70/100-19 Front
  • 80/90-19 Rear
  • Special light weight carcass construction
  • Strategically designed to provide great traction in soft terrain but also transitions well to harder surfaces
  • Maximum sizes for stock wheel sizes
  • Reinforced side knobs for control-flex characteristics
  • Large contact patch for maximum traction and stability
  • Tube type tire
  • DOT compliant


The Tusk Ground Wire has been developed to maximize traction for offroad E-Motorcycles such as Sur-Ron, Segway, and Talaria. The tires offer aggressive tread patterns for off road but designed with unique handling characteristics of EV bikes in mind. The specific carcass and tread work in conjunction to offer the best experience possible for this type of E-bike.