Custom Tune Service for Surron Ultra Bee KKE Fork

Tune: Plush Tune <200lb trail rider
Sale price$480.00


We've been testing suspension options for the Surron Ultra Bee an entire year and have finally nailed our tune service for your KKE OEM Ultra Bee fork.

Both the Aggressive and Heavy tune feature the largest spring upgrade possible in the Ultra Bee KKE fork, going from a 48lb spring rate good for those under 165lbs to a 66lb spring rate, a 37% increase.  This gives aggressive and heavier riders much more support keeping the fork up higher in its travel to improve its performance.

Equally important is our refined damper tune.  We've worked with the suspension gurus at Suspension Syndicate to dial in an improved damper tune on both the compression and rebound valves to improve the dampening performance and drastically reduce body fatigue and the harshness experienced when speeds increase.

Tune/rebuild service includes:

  • Fork Lower Leg Service
  • SKF Low Friction Wiper and Seals 
  • Damper oil change (7.5wt heavy oil for 200lb+ riders
  • 66lb Spring Upgrade $100 (OEM spring rate is ~48lb)
  • Shims
  • Rebound Damper Re-valve
  • Compression Damper Re-Valve 

You'll simply remove your front wheel and slide your fork tubes out to mail them to us. Our turnaround time is ~2 weeks realistically.

Highly recommended that you pair this fork tune with an EXT Rea shock or a heavier spring for your OEM shock.